Capillary PLUS 150ml


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Foot Expertise

The Foot Expertise premium foot care line featuring a variety of dermatologically functional cosmeceutical-grade foot care products, specifically formulated to take care of all foot needs. Ranging from preventive daily care to special treatments for demanding and distressed skins, and even products targeting specific foot disorders, Foot Expertise contributes to the overall well-being our bodies while providing an unparalleled sensation. Formulated with a highly innovative and patented emollient active complex, XpertMoist®, boasts clinically proven performance and results. XpertMoist® is a blend of 3 amino acids: Proline – Alanine – Serine, which are main components of the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors) and boosts the water-holding capacity of stratum corneum, as well as Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract (a healing and skin regenerating agent from a bacterial origin), ideal to treat minor injuries, burns, damaged skin. XpertMoist® complex acts as a molecular film, with healing and regenerating properties, NMF-refilling capacity, powerful hydration properties, strong protection power, and TEWL-minimizing activity. Compared to urea, traditionally used in cosmetic foot care products, XpertMoist is extremely stable (no pH alteration), is physiologically highly compatible with the body as clinical studies have proven its superior hydration power. Each formulation is additionally enriched with specific “technical” active ingredients selected for their targeted actions and the expected benefits. Skin-friendliness is guaranteed by the “Free From” ingredients, which are non-optimal ingredients Foot Expertise has been careful to omit from their ingredients list, including parabens, SLS/SLES, silicones, alcohol, PEG/PPG, mineral oils, colouring agents. Only fragrances without allergens are used. Formulations are suitable for all foot skin types – in targeted applications, as they are diabetes and dermatitis friendly too. Complete foot care, from heel to toe!


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