I have never seen one that is unique

I have never seen one that is unique

(3) Unique, not typically. There are 500,000,000 products on Amazon now, all with more cost efficient (and reputable) than products that are available within MLM programs and to call them unique, is definitely over-reaching. If you provide me with a truly unique product that is great value, more cost efficient and has a better brand/reputation than what is out there, I would be happy to hear it.

(4) People love products, because they are forced to love the products. If they don’t use the products and say they love them and they are “life changing” it surely would be much more difficult to promote this same product/opportunity to the next person would it not?

The thing I hate the most about mlm companies which I have experienced myself is the way they try to convince you to join by using very tricky emotional/drama influence tactics. These people belong in Hollywood on a filmset. It’s just hilarious. The people who have been in mlm know exactly what I’m talking about. I have to say that there are some mlm companies that have some pretty damn good products, talking about nutritional supplements. However it’s always super expensive and not affordable for the average person to keep using on a regular base which makes it hard to sell. Most of the times you’ll find very much the same products on sites like iherb, vita cost, amazon, etc. WAY cheaper.

I have seen the same ones you are referring to, a matter of selling the sizzle not the steak. It is purely marketing. As you have stated, there are definitely some great products out there in the MLM space, I would never argue that point.

But purely based on the fact that there is such much overhead within any scheme of this nature because there are a lot or mouths to feed within the compensation model, the products have the tendency to be very expensive within MLM schemes (and some would say drastically overpriced).

Why would I use your protein powder when the industry leading protein powders are much less, ones that are backed by industry experts and their expertise is protein powders. Same with any type of supplement or product. Why this product, versus the “expert” and highest rated ones in the industry. That is my main dilemma and argument with most MLM’s.

For example: during a business presentation the whole room goes in tears because someone lost 15 pounds and found the love of her life

I was involved 25 years ago in an MLM scheme selling NSA water filters. I lost a small amount of money (a few hundred pounds) before the penny dropped that I had essentially become a brain-washed member of an extremely cynical cult: one which sets out to make its fortune for the top 5% by creating a sales force who are the primary consumers. In short the company hierarchy is selling its product and making its fortune in the full and hence cynical knowledge that 95% of its recruited salesforce is the end user customer – and as you implied of a product that few believe in and which is exorbitantly overpriced to fund the ‘compensation’ scheme.

Manufactured love in many cases, I don’t deny there are some very good in the MLM space, but generally speaking there are much cheaper, more effective, more trustworthy alternatives

There are lots of MLM companies out there that only survive because they push the “recruitment” side of their companies so much. You will often times find that those involved in such schemes are those that are “tricky” or remain very quiet about what they are actually selling.